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Drawing Assignment: Pumpkins

White charcoal on black toned paper. I felt that I did pretty well rendering the highlights and figured I would post it here for some good ol' C&C.


Halloween at East Carolina for me and friends was less than desireable. Needless to say, my costume (me and a friend dressed up as pimps named "Pimpin' Purple and Gold Fo Sho [ECU's colors are purple and gold]) got me alot of shout outs and pictures with alto of random people. The night ended when my friend accidentally destroyed my Pimp Goblet...

Exceed man's might... that he may dwell upon the Gods

Welcome all viewers to my blog, Tangible Dreams. I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Alex Rodriguez and I am currently an undergraduate student attending East Carolina University, endeavoring to obtain my BFA in Illustration. This blog's sole purpose is mainly to post my own art pieces, and for discussion about other things that strike my interest. For now, I'll be off to my design class (I'm currently sitting in Joyner Library with only 7% of battery life left on my laptop). So, until next post, look out for it.

I'll be putting this up on my account at, which will probably serve as my "Sketchbook"

(Thanks to my Instructor Mr. Cozart for this trendy and helpful idea.)

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