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Quote 8/31/10

Talent is awareness; self-granted thought provoking actions or words with a distinguished endpoint, sculpted from a medium relative to determination. Learn to evoke extremities in strokes of simplicity, and learn to share what you garner with others. Talent may be a blessing, but, what is aptitude without affection and appreciation, but futility.

-Alexis E. Rodriguez

Study: Flower (Color)

3rd part to the study. Applied color pencil over the oil paint. All in all, this isn't the effect I was hoping for, but the contrast between the flower and the backdrop is nice. There's a real gloomy feeling, like a storm is brewing in the skies. I'll see how I apply this to my future piece...

Part 2 of the study. Applied stronger value contrast and Burnt Umber oil paint

Study: 8/29/10

The 1st stage of my latest study for my upcoming piece.

Poem: Cookie Craving

It’s been a long time since I last had a cookie

Focus becomes inexplicable; hunger took reign as it arrived

Depravity wallows within walls, narrowed -emaciation; sweets deprived

Remembrance of the decadent delicacy eludes my mind

I close my eyes and imagine dough refined, deliciousness contrived

Logic is replaced with obsidian parallels

Thoughts from onyx, boiling over in desire’s jail cell

Where to excavate, and plunder kitchen cabinets –I cannot tell

And yet I rummage through my suffering, to no avail

Stomach’s insight in sight, sugar is a preference

Chocolate chip is tertiary, and what’s second equals irrelevance

Indulgence is a must, and satisfaction resembles imminence

I suppose you could say that I really want a cookie, more or less

Short Poem


Many stories are left untold

A few of mine own are liken to perpetuity

Or to a game of poker: “The inevitable hand that folds”

Opposing sentiments, that to no end, are riddled with similarities

I may prompt you to wonder just what I mean, or what I see

With blatancy under my belt, relevancy revs revolutions

It’s no big deal, only that which is most dear to you and me

An idiosyncrasy we succumb to repeatedly; unreliable viability; “rotations”

Cognitive cautiousness causing effective affections like the clogged cogwheels of a clock

Or call it like, love, or lust; either or, neither, or nevermore- it makes no difference to me

Flower Study

I have an idea for an upcoming piece that
involves detailed drawings of plants.
So I've been practicing a little before I attempt it.

Sketch: Flowers

A simple sketch I made before class this morning.

It reminds me of this song. Arurian Dance by Nujabes.

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Blogger's super fail editing system.
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Misc. Images

Here we have a few pieces and sketches that were done over different periods of time. Some years, others just a few days ago. Questions about a specific image? Ask away. :]


I've come to the realization

That love is a ridiculous sensation

That requires no physical relation

Only wishful thinking leading to elation

A dipped and dazzled fabrication

Born of socioculture situations

A repetitive mechanic; organic mechanization

A sentiment that for granted, it is taken

Without it we'd be cringing in desperation

Maniacal proprieties; overran with confusion

Too much and it feels like an obligation

Erratic eyes with minds desperate for liberation

She's guilty as charged; a criminals implications

Cupid on jury duty, winning is out of the question

I look into her eyes; an ocular temptation

And soon enough, I came to this realization.

Maybe I'm just thinking about it too hard.

A Poem: Food for Thought

They say God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.
So what about death?
How do I prevent my last breath?
Life isn’t something I want to take for a gamble.
But I still take my next step
Without knowing what comes next, or what is left.
Have you ever felt an emotion evoked from the way your life might compel
A situation that demands you to scorn the heavens with a sharp gaze of rebel?
Or speak up with the voice of a rebel, in the same manner of the devil
With a similar interest of an arsonist, a prerogative of a fire starter
Alongside the lament of a martyr?
You want to believe, but you can’t convince your heart or
Lift your hopes up or even look back up.
“He” hides behind the sky; A veil of blue with specks of white
That prompts us to worship with what we feel is our minds eye.
Why am I so afraid to lie? And why do I pray for the day that I die?
I can’t fathom a distance that high;
A place where which he dwells, the “Most High”
The one where my questions go to for replies
I guess this questioning is what they call a sin
Because apparently against him, I can never win
Even if my faith is what makes him great
In the end I’m just one man, riding the span of my life until the end of my plan.
So until that day arrives, I’ll just do what I can…
I just pray for another day, but no matter our origin you can’t deny that life is great.

Lyrics 8/ 8/ 10

Just Standing There

[Instrumental by Nujabes. Lyrics by Alexis E. Rodriguez]

Leaves in the wind, resemblance to my sin
Eyes wide shut; I need to open them again
It's ‘bout that time to call one of my friends
But I'm so tired of calling people to depend [on]

Same old song, day to day
Money to make, bills to pay
Dreams to fulfill among the array
Of broken promises and empty things I used to say

Head hung high, but my eyes are so low
I'm like a car speeding down some distant expansive road
There are no signs left to show
Which way an imminent loser is supposed to go

I keep moving on, again to no end
I should accept all the friendly hands that extend
And they won't ever come back again
Because I played in dirt and got filthy hands

A baptism of the soul- rejuvenation of the old;
I need to focus on my goals or I might end up getting coal
--- "I need to do this on my own"
But I hesitate, -something just feels wrong

I hold in my hand a mask made of facade
While I lie to your face and then pray to God
Meandering aimlessly, attempting to do myself some good
But I just keep walking on and sing: "Misunderstood"


Monotony turns day into the night
Obsess fuels impulse
Compelled by the standards of the socially admitted
Enforced by the like-minded ideals
Minds past their prime and into their hierarchy
Ordering the advance of the youth’s principality
Boredom overtakes inept perpetual thinking
Inklings of artistic behavior ensue
Actions occur
Heartbeats whir
Words are slurred

We Live in the Morning of Tomorrow

SN: ... I really want to write a song... LOL

Chester French - Bebe Buell

So I've been hooked on their album for a few weeks. It's been on repeat on my Zune. Chester French, they mess with people like Pharrell, Diddy, Talib Kweli, Bun B and so many other unexpected artists! Clinton Sparks says they sound like "The Beatles mixed with Outkast; yes, they are THAT good..." And I have to agree.

Copyright Star Trak Records

Color Study: Allure of the Yellow Scarf

Here's a study I did just last night. I was playing around with some of my supplies I haven't used in ages. Done on matte board, drawn with graphite first. Added a few layers of matte medium, and a layer with cobalt blue gouache for a cool undertone. Then I simply colored with conte crayon. The scheme is tetradic with the yellow scarf over the purple dress, and her pinkish skin over the vibrant green backdrop.

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