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I've come to the realization

That love is a ridiculous sensation

That requires no physical relation

Only wishful thinking leading to elation

A dipped and dazzled fabrication

Born of socioculture situations

A repetitive mechanic; organic mechanization

A sentiment that for granted, it is taken

Without it we'd be cringing in desperation

Maniacal proprieties; overran with confusion

Too much and it feels like an obligation

Erratic eyes with minds desperate for liberation

She's guilty as charged; a criminals implications

Cupid on jury duty, winning is out of the question

I look into her eyes; an ocular temptation

And soon enough, I came to this realization.

Maybe I'm just thinking about it too hard.


  1. Dude! Very nice! the whole time I was reading it I was like dang this is deep stuff.

  2. Thanks man. I've been trying to better my writing and wordplay as of late. What you see me posting is the result. Though I don't usually revise my poems, as they're spontaneous, this one took more time to execute.

    I'm not trying to sound formal... THAS HOW I TYPE! Ain'tcha never seen my movies?


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