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Poem: Cookie Craving

It’s been a long time since I last had a cookie

Focus becomes inexplicable; hunger took reign as it arrived

Depravity wallows within walls, narrowed -emaciation; sweets deprived

Remembrance of the decadent delicacy eludes my mind

I close my eyes and imagine dough refined, deliciousness contrived

Logic is replaced with obsidian parallels

Thoughts from onyx, boiling over in desire’s jail cell

Where to excavate, and plunder kitchen cabinets –I cannot tell

And yet I rummage through my suffering, to no avail

Stomach’s insight in sight, sugar is a preference

Chocolate chip is tertiary, and what’s second equals irrelevance

Indulgence is a must, and satisfaction resembles imminence

I suppose you could say that I really want a cookie, more or less

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