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Lyrics 8/ 8/ 10

Just Standing There

[Instrumental by Nujabes. Lyrics by Alexis E. Rodriguez]

Leaves in the wind, resemblance to my sin
Eyes wide shut; I need to open them again
It's ‘bout that time to call one of my friends
But I'm so tired of calling people to depend [on]

Same old song, day to day
Money to make, bills to pay
Dreams to fulfill among the array
Of broken promises and empty things I used to say

Head hung high, but my eyes are so low
I'm like a car speeding down some distant expansive road
There are no signs left to show
Which way an imminent loser is supposed to go

I keep moving on, again to no end
I should accept all the friendly hands that extend
And they won't ever come back again
Because I played in dirt and got filthy hands

A baptism of the soul- rejuvenation of the old;
I need to focus on my goals or I might end up getting coal
--- "I need to do this on my own"
But I hesitate, -something just feels wrong

I hold in my hand a mask made of facade
While I lie to your face and then pray to God
Meandering aimlessly, attempting to do myself some good
But I just keep walking on and sing: "Misunderstood"

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