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So I found out I might have a slight bit of lyrical talent. LOL. I'm just sayin', I'd rather bump this than Souljaboy or Waka Flaka (sp?)

Random Character Design

I spend time playing around with story ideas, jotting down pages and pages of material until I feel something click in my mind. Here's a few recent character tries. I'm 50/50 on it, because I know I'm capable of much better. Alas tho, these are sketches.

Yes, it has been a while. Forgive me, my computer went through a meltdown and all my files were erased. I need to upload all my images soon. For the time being, here's a little PROMO work for my brutha frum unutha mutha Gabe a.k.a. DJ SAUNA. He's gonna get big one day and shout me out as I do all of his Album Art commisions, LOL. Look out for his mixtape "Don't Sleep". Look him up on Facebook y'herd.

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