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Hey guys. Been a while since my last post. Blame my sickness-- been trying to get back on track with class and etc. Anyways, Here's a simple 10-20 second hand gesture done with charcoal. I'll post up more images soon.

Filler Post....

Here are two randomly placed drawings. The boy is a kid I drew in my English class... caught him sleepin. The next is a chair with cloth draped over it. Both done in graphite.

I swear, if I didn't love drawing so much I would be into music!

Borodin: Prince Igor Polovtsian dances
New Year's Concert at Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall 2006
Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Pumpkins Pt. 2

Halloween and the month of October prompted my instructors to make the class study pumpkins for weeks. At least they weren't boxes or chairs... anyways here's a fuller view of the white charcoal piece and another piece with charcoal over a powdered charcoal layer. C&C please :P

Figure Drawings

Here are just a few drawings i did in a figure drawing class. All were done on newsprint with graphite pencils. Constructive criticism please. :]

Character Concept 2

The above is another character concept for the same story idea as the "Relje" piece. The sketch I love much more than the colored piece (which I used colored pencil and sharpie on matte board to do). The are many errors I could point out, but I figured I would post this for constructive criticism and just to show how much I've grown when I post more recent work.

On a side note I did this when I used to look up photos of people from the internet as reference pictures. Not the best thing to do, and yes I realize this now.

Ain't No Sunshine...

I'm posting this video for two reasons. First, I'll just say the only reason I stumbled across this song is all because of the new commercial ad for a video game named "Dante's Inferno", an imaginative variation of the poem "Dante's Divine Comedy". The song complimented the trailer very well, and I immediately fell in love with the song and the emotion I felt from it. (Click Here for the trailer of Dante's Inferno). I love the concept of the game as well, because I feel that it's another work of art that symbolizes a part of what I want to accomplish during my lifetime (I felt the same way when I saw the movie "Avatar" by James Cameron), which for the most part is to create my own original story and let it grow into something great.

You can't listen to this song without feeling some way about it. What do you think?

Character Concept

I wanted to add one more piece before signing off for the day. This piece is an original concept of a character in one of my many ideas. It was done on matte board with graphite. A layer of gesso and oil paint was applied to give it the tone and texture you see. I actually really like this technique (which I learned from my man Steven M. Cozart, you can find a link to his blog on my sidebar).

Becoming a concept artist is probably one of the few career goals I desire. Hopefully over the years my skills will develop enough to compete with the greats.

Starting the week off...

I'm trying to get into the habit of posting things on here daily. For now, before I put up anything thats new, I'll put up some of my older work from the previous year. This one is called "Villain". It was done on matte board. I applied a coat of gesso mixed with a blue gouache to give the piece a cooler tone. Upon redrawing, the final steps included spraying with workable fixative, and finishing it off with colored pencil.

I feel that my blog can't be complete without a few pieces of art and music that I respect and consider fragments of culture that help make me who I am. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Common Sense; three MC's with the illest lyrics, all of whom respect. The song for me symbolizes a struggle that I everyone endeavors to avoid or escape.

Better version here:

Sitting on Random Rocks... Intangible!

Here's one I did during my senior year in high school. It was pretty simple. Sketched the basics, made a xerox and transferred it onto matte board. Put a layer of Gesso mixed with some cool pigment, reworked over it. A few coats of workable fixative and a little bit of colored pencil finished the job.

The Rizing Sonz

This one is actually pretty old. I did the basics of it during my senior year in high school. I polished off my mediocre photoshop skills to pull off a somewhat decent "CD Cover". The Graphic Translations of myself and one of my good friends could be much better, but here it is.

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