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Character Concept 2

The above is another character concept for the same story idea as the "Relje" piece. The sketch I love much more than the colored piece (which I used colored pencil and sharpie on matte board to do). The are many errors I could point out, but I figured I would post this for constructive criticism and just to show how much I've grown when I post more recent work.

On a side note I did this when I used to look up photos of people from the internet as reference pictures. Not the best thing to do, and yes I realize this now.

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  1. The problem with it is that you have to take someone else's view... if you take your own, you can set up the angle, view, lighting, and other adjustments you want. Always start with the sketch first (the concept) and take your references next... that way you are not a slave to the reference.


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