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Portrait: Starry Eyed

Decided to entitle the piece "Starry Eyed", since it was inspired from one of my favorite songs (it's a piece of a lyric.)

Mixed media. Under layers include (> = seperated by a layer of workable fixative): a graphite drawing > Some gesso and matte medium > charcoal> a few washes of ink and water > an oil mixed with turpenoid oil (Burnt Umber and Titanium White i think?) > removed oil wit ha paper towel and kneaded rubber > and theeeen added a bit of color with pink and blue conte crayons. There's more I could do but I don't really want to. I feel its finished as is.

There's alot of textures that my low-tech phone camera can't catch. I wish I could take a higher res photo and different angles.

In hindsight,from this study, I've learned that I can achieve this end result in a quicker fashion than what I performed. I also need to work on my portraits (that's no secret though), especially in the aspects of value and line work.

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