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Poem: 9/1/10


Delve into the coal mine; my allegorized perception

Pressure forces brilliance; as lucent as a silent plea

This sentience constructs a foundation of remarkable deception

Amalgamated dementia, the fascia to erroneous glee

At its entrance, disambiguated silhouettes carve into the light

Onyx alternations: the positive and negative of memory’s pristine

I recall the past with clarity among my emotion’s insight

Despite it all, I attempt to grasp conceptual relationship by any means

Complications arose, birthed from our interlocking lace

Attempts to reconcile turn into systemized trolleys

If I wear a smile, could we be saved by its face?

Or would we plunge into the depths of spite and melancholy?

The veiled innards of this cave conceal prolonged warmth

And these eyes, though dilated, are accustomed to an amity ever lit

Hope casts a luminous reflection of our past, and juts it forth

As this miner unearths the diamond in sediment’s respite

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