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Either or, Neither, or Nevermore

A rhythmic patter ensues, and it’s eternal; the heart

A brief and bereft halt interrupts us, momentarily; it skips

From either love or loss it spawns, subjectively; whenever

Instinctively, unnervingly- forever insubstantial; we feel

Fear and love

In either hand

Wherein sight of

Do we understand?

Like stars above

Or earthly land

Two emotions thereof

Are equally grand

Notwithstanding failed finales, we remain in pursuit of them; it starts

Selfishness overtakes sanity and procreates obsession; with lips

Although we fake reins over action and impression; forever

Enslaved are we forevermore to a longing of cohesive algorithm; we seal

A somber malady

A beautiful melody

A sweet reverie

A harsh fatality

With intents actuality

We embrace openly

In pain secretly

A revolting reality

As to attempt a blatant revealing of our faults and revelry; depart

Embark on the voyage, engorge in ecstatic galore; a trip

Embargo your blood flow as you find what lovers adore; we’re clever

To become a part of you as you are one of me; until

A vanishing point

As horizons shatter

A deathly anoint

Our affections gather

Persons, one joint

Separation is rather

An ill-chosen appoint

A cleansing lather

On an plane of existence we coincide with each other; apart

On an axis we roam, convergence we can’t avoid; we rip

With grids we align as if coordinates were deployed; together

We realize that you and I exist for none but one another; we heal

As hands turn

And pivot freely

Our flame burns

Like candles ideally

Flesh is earned

Words are steely

As your yearn

Softens my feeling

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