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Two Poems


Let me scurry through my mind and then

Finger through some rambling’s

Think about my day again

Self-questioning without an end

Rectify my wrongs

Write lyrics to a song

Conform to the throng

Or worry that the syllables in this line make it seem much too long

I could change the genre

Seize life by the arm, or

Shock audiences with whispers

Like a double entendre

Whatever I strive

People will know I’m alive

Simply because I have a drive

That will never “take five”



Do I Impress you?

Well, wait until you listen to

What I have to say and why you’re one of the few

If you think my work is comparable to a jewel

Then think about the facets of a gem, and a craftsman’s tools

What I show is a ruse; and what I possess, we all do

A polished up surface breaking free from the crude

These words are just that- and if you don’t have a clue

Then I’m afraid you’re in for disappointment and rue

I’m about as unimpressive as untying a shoe

About as stale as old chips when you first chew

Occasionally awkward or unpleasant, like accidental drool

Or when your eyes falter from an accidental “I love you”

I won’t blame you if you detach the urge to pursue

Because I know when you see me you always think “Well, he’s kind of cute...”

... Wait, you say after all that, you still think I’m “kind of cool?”

Well I don’t object, but I do think you’re some kind of fool…

… Buuuuut, we can be cool fools together... "WINK!"

1 comment:

  1. man you aint got skill, lol naw jk bruh, true words man, keep up the good work and the rest will follow


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