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Poem: Escapism

When tough times come I realize that I

Tend to climb up on the clouds and pretend to fly

I look up and latch my ogle onto the sky

I know that if I look away my wish will die

I’d probably fall to the earth just like my

Tears rolling off my face if I happened to cry

So I stay fixated, well, at least I try

Conscience reminded me of my web of lies

The figment crumbles from what I materialized

My ascended reverie now a fallacy of mine

I look pass my feet as the fluffy base spread wide

The walls I erected fall per reality’s rise

I land very softly, to my own surprise

Conscience was there to prevent my demise

Enthralling me, it laughed; inclined, I asked “Why?”

It said “If it wasn’t for me, you‘d be one unlucky guy!”

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