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Poem: Keys

I told her

Her love is the key and my heart is just the door

She could be my sea, and I could be the shore

We could be close, like the numbers three and four

That she would feel my love inside like an apple core

She told me

Together we could fly like a shooting star

It sounds really nice, be I can’t see that far

I’m doing the speed limit and you’re a runaway car

You’re like a blur: when I try to see you, it get’s hard

And then I

Caught her gaze as she let it fall to the floor

Said that if she didn’t have enough throttle, I’d give her more

And if she couldn’t bear arms I would be her warrior

That she was the only one I planned on fighting for

She stood up

And flashed a faux smile that tore my imagery apart

I had the right one in my hand , but played all of the wrong cards

She might have stolen from me and I could call it burglary

But I let her in willingly when I let her have my key

I made a few copies, though…

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